This World we Call Home

We were all taught to believe in fairytales..


Through Different Eyes

We don’t all lead the same lives; no two people grow up with the same experiences even if they were brought up under the same roof. How else would you explain how some siblings end up being polar opposites?

Choose wisely. So, what’s it gonna be?

Life is a series of choices. No matter how indecisive you seem, no matter how confused you are, ultimately, a decision has to be made. Most times we already know what we want. I, for example; one of the most indecisive people in the world, always know, deep down, what I really want. What is […]

His Rainbow

If I’m his rainbow He’s my rainy cloud Some where over the horizon Where the purple sky is loud “The colors are an illusion,” through people, we’ve been told, “You guys are crazy!” But no, they’re just old. We’ve seen magic, Complicated sparks Brought us together, And pulled out our hearts Shaded them red Left words unsaid Yet, with […]