Happy Blogiversary to Brain Fart!

This is just a post to celebrate the 1 year anniversary of my blog! May all your blogs turn 1, 2, 3, or even 50.
Celebrate with me by sharing my blog!! 😀
Thanks Happy Tuesday night to y’all!

Stay weird.


What Lingers in the Silence

“Are you..okay?


“I’m Fine.”


“I Love You.”


“We need to talk.”


There’s something you should know.”


Learn to read between the lines.
Use your silences wisely.

His Rainbow


If I’m his rainbow
He’s my rainy cloud
Some where over the horizon
Where the purple sky is loud

“The colors are an illusion,”
through people, we’ve been told,
“You guys are crazy!”
But no, they’re just old.

We’ve seen magic,
Complicated sparks
Brought us together,
And pulled out our hearts
Shaded them red
Left words unsaid
Yet, with no hearts, we are not dead.

Explain that, will you?
You can’t. That’s true.
Because we believe in rainbows,
Unlike you…

Behind the Cloud


Behind the cloud
A sky of blue
Filled with birds, and spirits too
Below the cloud
Where I stand
No one’s here to take my hand
As I ache and as I cry
I still can’t find the reason why
My friends, they see it on my face,
They can see the empty space.

Behind the cloud, I can see
The kindest being looking out for me
I close my eyes, and hear him say,
“I’ve been here all along, even though
you did me wrong
I am here, I’ll hold you near,
Don’t you cry another tear.”

Behind the cloud, I found love
That I’m undeserving of
I know in life I’ll come and go
That sometimes I’ll forget to show
The love I have inside for you
But trust me what I say is true,
You’re always there inside my heart
A constant thought, we never part.

Cut the Crap!


I’m not exactly sure what I want to share with the world right now, but the only thing I know for sure is that i want to give a little insight to what has been on my mind for the past few days. I can sit here and give you more life lessons, things i discovered about people, ways to live life.. etc. because that’s basically what I’ve been doing for the past few posts. Thing is though i think i’ve created some kind of barrier- if you will- between the way I think, and the things I actually..  do.
Allow me to elaborate, there are times when i can go off for hours telling you that the right thing to do is 1, 2, 3 and i’ll be very convincing. As a matter of fact, often, i’d be 110% convinced myself, but here’s where things get tricky. I say the right things, but  usually never really put them into play. Which is a big reason why i do not feel truly fulfilled at the moment. Which isn’t very nice. Sometimes there are other people involved, and there are feelings involved, people may end up getting hurt, you know?
I guess i just don’t want to lead a word oriented life… i want to lead a life of action. I’m sure it’s going to feel different. I’ve experienced it first hand a few times and it felt pretty good. So here’s to leading a life of action, i suppose. It’s pretty easy to bullshit your way through life, take it from me. It’s time for change. (not that i’ve been bull-shitting through my entire life, but there were bits and pieces here and there.. you know? c’mon, we’ve all been there.. have we not?)

PS, I hope this isn’t another concoction of words as well.

Why I Switched To An Old School, Non Smart, Slide Phone

“All of them had their heads buried in their phones, each and every one of them down to the youngest kid…”

Thought Catalog

We all agree to an extent, that being connected by smartphones and technology sometimes to the level that we know what is happening at that very second in a person’s life or what color the lilies at someone’s wedding were or what is so-and-so dude eating at which restaurant or what kind of underwear she Snapchat me at 4 a.m. in the morning is more addictive than we all give it credit for. We want to scroll through our news feed on Facebook more than the actual news feed of events around the world, we want to read and write tweets more than writing a good, old-fashioned letter and want to take pictures to apply filter so we’re more popular online than creating real memories with real people.

The thought: I used to be one of those people smitten with the technology that smart phones were adapting. Everything at our…

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“Equal Odds Rule”

How to Uncover Your Creative Talent by Using the “Equal Odds Rule”

by James Clear | Read this article on JamesClear.com
Paul Erdos was a strange man. He lived out of two suitcases, never learned how to cook his own meals, worked up to 19 hours per day, took amphetamines daily and washed them down with caffeine, and gave away nearly all of the money that he earned. [1]

Erdos was also the most prolific mathematician of the 20th century. He wrote or co-authored over 1,500 mathematical articles during his career and partnered with over 500 different collaborators. As you would expect, his contributions to mathematics were significant.

Erdos solved a variety of difficult problems. He worked out a proof for the prime number theorem. He led the development of Ramsey theory. He discovered the proof for a difficult mathematical riddle known as Bertrand’s postulate. Long story short, Erdos was good. He worked his tail off and advanced the field of mathematics because of it.

And yet, do you know what became of the vast majority of his 1,500 articles and papers?

Nothing. They are long gone. Forgotten. Tucked away in the archives of an old research journal or filed into a box at the bottom of some math lover’s closet. And that is why the story of Paul Erdos is perhaps the best example of what is known as The Equal Odds Rule.

Let’s talk about what this rule means and how it can help you uncover your creative talent.

The Equal Odds Rule

In 1977, a Harvard-trained psychologist named Keith Simonton, developed a theory that he called The Equal Odds Rule.

“The Equal Odds Rule says that the average publication of any particular scientist does not have any statistically different chance of having more of an impact than any other scientist’s average publication.” [2] In other words, any given scientist is equally likely to create a game-changing piece of work as they are to create something average that is quickly forgotten.

Translated to the world at-large: You can’t predict your own success. Scientists, artists, inventors, writers, entrepreneurs, and workers of all types are equally likely to produce a useless project as they are to produce an important one.

If you believe The Equal Odds Rule, then the natural conclusion is that you’re playing a numbers game. Because you can’t predict your success, the best strategy is to produce as much work as possible, which will provide more opportunities to hit the bullseye and create something meaningful. [3]

I’ve seen The Equal Odds Rule at play in my own work each month. I write new articles every Monday and Thursday. I know that if I write a new article every Monday andThursday, then that will be about 8 or 9 articles per month on average. And if I write 8 or 9 articles per month, then 2 or 3 of them will be decent.

Which 2 or 3 will be winners? I have no idea.

After sticking to this schedule for almost two years, it has become very clear to me that I am a rather terrible judge of my own work. All I can do is try my best each time, commit to doing a volume of work, and trust if I stick with the process then something useful will find it’s way from my hands to the keyboard.

The Willingness to Create Garbage

Paul Erdos knew something that all great creators eventually discover: Creative genius only reveals itself after you’ve shown up enough times to get the average ideas out of the way. Time after time, problem after problem, Erdos kept working on his craft. 1,500 papers later, it turns out he had some pretty good ideas.

If you want to extract your creative genius and make a difference, then embracing idea behind The Equal Odds Rule is a useful strategy. Sometimes you’ll create something good. Sometimes you’ll create something useless. But no matter what, you should always be creating.

If you want to make a masterpiece, you have to be willing to create a little garbage along the way.

A Year Long Intuition

Dear Blog..
Almost a year ago i sat down with an old history teacher, and told him that i was sure, positive, that i felt it in my bones, that this year will be a memorable, special year for me. This summer has taken these words and brought them to life. I couldn’t be happier, i love it when two pieces of the puzzles in my mind come together. Life is big. Life is really big, and magical. I’m not sure i have enough words to describe the way i feel, but one thing is for sure, 2014 has been a good year so far, and it still isn’t over yet.
I hope y’all had awesome summers as well… feel free to share your stories if you’ve got any.

Have a wonderfully Weird day lovely people
and sorry i haven’t posted in so long. Ive been….uhh.. “busy”. haha

The thoughts of a dirt pile

In the space between life and death there lies a common ground, literally.
Life is a series of incidents; connections, energies.
Death is where the soul ceases to exist, escaping human life into a new entity unknown to man. Two different worlds, yet I remain the same; a link between both. I am where the first signs of life sprout into existence, and where our hollowed bodies lay to rest after our souls have gone. I see the evils of this world. Feel them, too. I may be among the smallest things on earth; the most insignificant- some may argue, but, oh… How they are wrong.

It’s all a matter of perspective.

Ask a man what he thinks of dirt, and he will say it serves no purpose. Ask me however, and my answer will differ…
I look up to a world of people hiding behind veils of imprisoned emotions, afraid to look each other in the eyes in fear of releasing an unplanned reaction; an accidental leak. A place where millions of people cross each others’ paths everyday, but choose to keep moving forward. I’m inexplicably flabbergasted by how they seem to demean communication as they do. Precious time wasted talking about nothing, working for what they believe is meaningful, and stressing over money and success. Their minds so manipulated, and controlled by the media, that they are incapable of thinking on their own, so weighed down by the fear of being untailored to fit today’s society.

A ticking time bomb set to self-destruct.

It’s all a matter of time.
It’s all a matter of perspective…


The Key to Unlocking Creativity forever


 I don’t believe that creativity is limited to creating something completely new, if you ask me, the key to unlocking unlimited creativity lies in the ability to disconnect some- if not all- objects around us from the reason of their existence. Meaning; one must cease seeing a chair as a chair, or a carrot as a carrot, but rather as an object or a tool that can be utilized, morphed or manipulated to serve the purpose of one’s desire.