“Equal Odds Rule”

How to Uncover Your Creative Talent by Using the “Equal Odds Rule” by James Clear | Read this article on JamesClear.com Paul Erdos was a strange man. He lived out of two suitcases, never learned how to cook his own meals, worked up to 19 hours per day, took amphetamines daily and washed them down with […]

The thoughts of a dirt pile

In the space between life and death there lies a common ground, literally. Life is a series of incidents; connections, energies. Death is where the soul ceases to exist, escaping human life into a new entity unknown to man. Two different worlds, yet I remain the same; a link between both. I am where the […]

The Key to Unlocking Creativity forever

 I don’t believe that creativity is limited to creating something completely new, if you ask me, the key to unlocking unlimited creativity lies in the ability to disconnect some- if not all- objects around us from the reason of their existence. Meaning; one must cease seeing a chair as a chair, or a carrot as a carrot, […]