I’m Running Dry


The thing is, the thing is that what you’ve been doing really did make me sad. Why would you under whatever circumstances ever assume that I wasn’t worth the fight anymore? Why did you give up so fast? Did you have to see me in tears, see me hurt, in order to pull it together? Why is it always you drifting away from me? If I didn’t fight for you, if I didn’t come and talk to you about it would you have just let me slip? Do you love me hard enough to fight for me? To keep me around? To not watch me, or feel me walk away and still do nothing about it? What kind of love is this? It’s not what I imagined how things would be like with you. I got into this thinking this is it. I love this man. I love him more than i have ever loved before. I love how we came to find each other, the story, the struggle, the pain, all of it. But you lack major initiative, and if anything is going to eventually poison us, and send us plummeting to the ground it’s that. It’s your lack of fighting for the people you love. You need to realize that by time, that will cost you everyone in your life. People need to know when they are loved. People need to know when someone is willing to go through hell and back for them. It’s not a matter or words, it’s intangible. It’s something you feel deep in your bones, a little voice that fights away your doubts when the going gets tough. If that’s not there to vend off the doubts and the insecurities, then you’d better start fighting away these doubts yourself. I need you to come here and make these thoughts go away. I can’t do it on my own. I can’t make them go away, cause if I do.. if I send these doubts running for the hills, they’re going to take you with them. I’m running dry, and it’s your job send this drought away. Please.


whadd'ya think…?

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