Uncomfortable Comfort

Comfort is a good thing. Comfort makes us happy, when you’re comfortable with a person, it means you trust this person. It means you love them. It means that you can be your full self in front of him/ her without having to worry about being judged, questioned or made fun of. You get to be you. And that’s great. But, there’s a thin line between comfortable, and TOO comfortable. Feeling like a person is TOO comfortable, just makes you feel like you’re being taken for granted. It feels like the other person isn’t trying as hard. Especially when you know full well that you’d never do the same thing to them. You feel neglected. You feel hurt. You feel a bit used. I’ve been struggling for the past few days to find something worth writing about to post on my blog, but then i realized that the purpose of my blog was to keep it real, and “straight from the heart”.
Love is unconditional. Sometimes you do things for each other, and don’t really expect much in return. Love consists of little moments. Moments where in the smallest most insignificant of acts, you see, actually see, how the other person feels about you. You allow yourself to become transparent, you become vulnerable but, fear stays at bay because you trust that this person won’t hurt you, or take you for granted. Those are the things that count, or these are the ones that count the most to me, anyways.


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