This World we Call Home

The truth is, as children, we were all taught to believe in fairytales. If you drop your glass slipper, someone will pick it up for you. If you fall into eternal slumber, true love’s kiss will wake you up. Whatever storyline your life follows, you’re programmed to believe in happily ever afters. Such a beautiful lie. My words are usually happy and hopeful, but this time, i’m here to call it out as it is. Well, enough to leave you with a slight hint of pessimism, infused with a touch of hope. We all start off as bright, hopeful kids, and slowly, reality poisons us. Your fantasies and fables slowly begin to dilute and fade. No, Santa Clause does not exist. Neither does the Easter Bunny, nor does the Tooth Fairy. Our fears were as little as we were. Fear of the dark, fear of monsters hiding under the bed, fear of losing a game of Pokémon cards.
As we get older though, the dark becomes real. Monsters become rapers, harassers and killers. Our innocent games of Pokémon cards morph into never ending battles of financial status. A battle that will never end unless YOU decide to fold your cards. You see, life is a lot bigger than all these troubles, no matter how overwhelming they may be. It’s imperative to be aware of what goes on around us; sad as it is, this creates balance in life. Sure, we need money, and harassers do exist. You can’t have good without the bad. But if you take the time to realize that beyond the scope of non existent fairytales and fables there lies a happier more exciting life, trust me, you’ll never see things the same way again.


whadd'ya think…?

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