Through Different Eyes

“Every one’s experience is different.”

A line I always say when it comes to different life situations. It’s true.

We don’t all lead the same lives; no two people grow up with the same experiences even if they were brought up under the same roof. How else would you explain how some siblings end up being polar opposites? One could be kind, the other not so much, one could be caring and the other not, and so on.
This theory, or quote, or whatever you want to call it, also applies to many different aspects in one’s life. I’ll take a leap here and jump into the topic of relationships since this is what seems to be on my mind this morning. When you’re sad, or when you need advice from people you turn to your friends, your family, whomever you’re most comfortable with and seek their knowledge and wisdom because they know exactly what to say to make you feel better. They know what to say and how to say it. That’s exactly it though; whatever advice they give you will be completely biased. They’ll see your situation through the lens of their own life and give you advice accordingly. Chances are, you’re taking advice from your friend (X) who has been screwed over, and cheated on and dumped one too many times. How do you think her advice is doing to be? She’s always going to assume that the guy you’re dating is a jerk and an asshole and will always advise you to stray away from any good quality you may share with your significant other.

That being said, I think id like to add that I always like to believe that my experience with my boyfriend is different. This topic is debatable, since the opposing argument is “guys will be guys, and they’re all the same in the end”, but still, sometimes trusting in something more, something bigger, something like faith in the relationship, or comfort in knowing that the person you chose to be with is all the wonderful things you think he/she is, then that’s enough to set your mind at rest. I have faith in us. And I’m pretty sure our experience with one another will be like no other- no matter what. (It has been already)
Of course we’ve had our ups, and downs and all that, but that doesn’t take away from the strength of what we share.
Trust that all experiences are different.

You’ll be surprised.


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