The Power of the Mind

It’s crazy where you mind can take you sometimes. People don’t generally realize/ know this but your mind is so powerful! So strong, it can take you from one mental state to the next in mere seconds. It never stops working, it’s constantly on the run, the wheels never seizing for a minute (unless you know how to meditate, it’s different then). That’s why people are so big on “The Secret” and the power of manifestation, i believe in that. I really do. I’ve seen it happen to people, and I’ve had multiple experiences where i thought about something in particular, or “manifested” it in other words, and it came true. Sometimes though i find myself thinking of bad things, things that bring me down, and of course, misery likes company, so you know i just sit there for hours simmering in my own bad thoughts. That’s not healthy though, negativity yields more negativity. I guess what i’m trying to say here is that you need to start realizing how powerful your thoughts really are, and the toll they take on your life. You know? It’s been proven that certain women have the ability to induce a “False Pregnancy”! If you haven’t guessed it from the name already, that means that a woman- just using her thoughts- can imagine herself being pregnant, and her body will respond. Her belly will swell up, and she may even get all the symptoms that go hand in hand with pregnancy, you know, morning sickness, nausea, the whole 9-yards.
Just realize your capabilities. Realize that the mind is a powerful tool we all have in our arsenal (well, some of us anyways.)
Please be careful what you do with it. Life is a wonderful thing, don’t let your thoughts ruin it for you.
Stay Weird.



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