It Will Be The Unspoken Words That End Us

It Will Be The Unspoken Words That End Us (repost)

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Flickr, Anthony RodermanFlickr, Anthony Roderman

If I could map all my heartbreaks they would span three continents and 15 cities, but yours was the only history I wanted to share. Unanswered prayers whispered in the dark took the form of your unsure nakedness too near mine. When we lied still, I could feel the weight of our bodies, where men had planted flags and laid claim for centuries. Every breath a reclamation. I was the ebb; you the flow.  

In the beginning we traded stories like playing cards. You told me about losing your mother. I told you about finding mine. You talked about how your tongue curled against itself when you tried to learn English. I recalled how cold and dark it was in the room where they taught us to forget our culture and regret our past.  

And in the mornings I didn’t want to shower. I wanted…

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