A Dollop of truth


The truth is as follows.. 

  • Social media networks are killing us

My profile page on Facebook, my twitter account and my Instagram are, by no means, projections of who i am as a person. I am a nonaligned segment of being. Although, i am the one controlling them, i refuse to be weaved into the thought that i’m the same as what i appear to be on these pages.
Why, if asked about a person’s interests, personality or social status, are we inclined to look them up on whichever social database available and, based on what we see, formulate an idea about who that person is on the inside? Whatever happened to interacting with people on a one to one basis? Whatever happened to reading someone’s facial expressions and body language? What happened to actually being present in the moment, and not having to check you cell phone every two seconds?

“I cannot stress enough that the answer to life’s questions is often in people’s faces. Try putting your iPhones down once in a while, and look in people’s faces. People’s faces will tell you amazing things.” Amy Poehler

  • We’re becoming zombies.

    Look at yourself. Phone in hand, facial features illuminated by a dim glow, eyes squinted, watery with concentration, shoulders and neck arched over.Attractive, i tell ya!
    Although you may be wise Ms. Buddah in little planet Text-opia, crafting beautifully worded sentences, cleverly communicating strong and witty conversations, you’re forgetting the most important message that you’re communicating to the world. You’re forgetting that by standing there looking like that, you are unconsciously telling people that you are unavailable. That you are a zombie. You are a slave to this little piece of plastic which you hold in your hands.
    Shame on you.A text can wait. The whole world won’t come tumbling down if you don’t reply in this very second.
    Be with the people you’re with. Not in there.

  • They’re wreaking havoc on our love lives.

    [Relationships are much simpler than our generation makes them out to be. It’s now common to hear people saying things like, “Well, he was kind of rude to me on the date, but then this morning he liked my status AND my cover photo, so…” What? This is crazy talk. I remember once telling my grandmother about a guy I was interested in. I pulled up his Facebook page and gave her the basic rundown of his interests, hobbies, most attractive photos, etc. After a few minutes of cyber-stalking, she looked up and said, “This is all very nice, dear, but what’s he like face-to-face?” Boom. Grandma knows what’s up. She wanted to hear about a person, not a profile.] – Caroline Dunnaway (blogger)

  •            Real life is magical.

    Real life is happening right in front of your very eyes, while you’re bent over your phone and missing out on all the action. Things happen everyday; things that you can actually feel, touch, smell and taste. Things that can build you up, teach you a lesson and make you a better person. Things that can make you laugh, cry or even scream. Things that are worth so much more than a stupid text, a profile page, or what you’re trying to portray as an image of yourself for the people to see. Never forget that you are a real person before you are this digitized version of words and pictures.It’s becoming a form of escapism for all kinds of people around the world. We are quickly becoming the addicts, voyeurs, and exhibitionists of the digital age. Don’t get me wrong, I love the internet, and all the magnificent opportunities it presents, (such as the ability to share my thoughts on this blog for example, or my artwork on other websites). But i can also recognize the danger that lurks in the shadows. I know when to be present in real life and when to connect with my virtual being. It’s a thin line and people need to learn to consciously pull themselves back
    into reality whenever they can and escape our own escapism.


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